Wrestling EUF girl has to strip bottomless after losing the bout

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A fine example of wrestling EUF here with a bottomless wrestler being shamed. In Lucha Libre wrestling it is common for the contenders to make some sort of bet to liven up proceedings. This usually involves the loser having to unmask or have their eyebrows shaved off or something else of that nature. Sometimes in women’s matches these wagers take on a more saucy nature with the loser having to at least partially undress. In this case the loser has to remove her panties before being displayed bottomless to the cheering crowd while her victorious opponent holds her knickers aloft as a trophy of her triumph. I first chanced upon this wrestling EUF gem some years ago and no longer recall where I found it and I never knew the original source so alas I am unable to enlighten you as to its provenance. It is certainly old; viewers of an age who can recall VHS videos will note the distortion at the bottom of the picture which indicates that the tracking was a little out in the original recording meaning it is probably from some point in the 1980s or maybe 90s. Nonetheless I though it worth sharing with fellow ENF lovers as a fine example of the CFNF wrestling genre and may it bring you joy. There just isn’t enough CFNF wrestling in the world (or CFNF in general come to think of it).

wrestling euf 01
wrestling euf 02
wrestling euf 03
bottomless lucha libre girl 01
bottomless lucha libre girl 02


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