Work CMNF when the boss makes a female employee strip

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Now here is a company that all ENF fans would just love to work for. The boss has in place some very novel disciplinary procedures which result in one of his workers becoming an embarrassed nude female employee when he invokes the right to impose a work CMNF penalty on her. The young lady in question clearly has no one but herself to blame for her shameful predicament as this is far from the first time that she has failed to follow the correct protocols. Maybe it’s just me but there is something about seeing a woman in a smart business suit that sends my ENF imagination into overdrive as my mind reels with visions of all the humiliating scenarios which might befall her. Were I lucky enough to be the CEO of a major corporation every working day would be enlivened by all manner of work CMNF, CFNF and general ENF shenanigans with a few good spankings and some wet and messy workplace punishments thrown in for good measure. It would have been nice if we got to see this high and mighty miss who thinks she is too good to perform dirty and demeaning tasks along with the rest of the workforce being made to do exactly that stark naked in front of all her giggling co workers but this is still an enjoyable work based ENF video for all that.


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