Vintage punishments: old fashioned thrashings of bad girls

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Nostalgia, they say, isn’t what it used to be. Here is an opportunity to make your own judgement on the veracity of that statement as you peruse ENFdaily’s latest gallery of vintage punishments pics. Hopefully they will transport you to a happy time when naughty girls could look forward to some knickers down discipline or indeed some fully nude larrupings for their transgressions. While I very much favour the second option when it comes to bringing wayward females back into the fold of righteousness I know that tastes vary so to each his or her own. Whatever your own personal preference in these matters you should find something here to stimulate your ENF gland and there is also no lack of variety in the matter of quite how those stinging swats are applied with bare bottoms being spanked, strapped, whipped, flogged, paddled and caned. After all, it may be that any given female will respond better to one instrument of correction than another so it is in the interests of disciplinarians to experiment as much as possible to determine the most effective course of action and, as you can see, back in the days when these vintage punishments were bing administered extensive trials were conducted for that very purpose. While corporal punishment is undoubtedly an art I would love to see the introduction of some scientific rigour into proceedings. Is it really too much to expect government funding for a National Institute of Spankology? Apparently (and sadly) it seems the answer is yes.

bare bottom tawsing
vintage punishments 01
bare bottom caning 01
bare bottom caning 02
vintage punishments 02
vintage punishments 03
vintage punishments 04
vintage punishments 05
vintage punishments 06
bare bottom caning 03
cfnf spanking 01
cfnf spanking 02


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