Two petgirls are performing their tricks to entertain you

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If being the proud owner of a pert and perky petgirl would bring joy to your life (and I think we can take it as a given that it would) then having two petgirls about the place would obviously double the amount of joy. But don’t just take my word for it; feast your eyes on the enchanting sight of this delightful duo of pets as they perform for your entertainment. This site has already been enlivened by Chloe Toy in pliant petgirl mode in this post and if you enjoyed that then you are going to love this video from KinkiTV in which she is joined by her fellow (and equally scrumptious) pet Cherry. They certainly seem to be relishing one another’s company as we get to watch these two petgirls petting one another in a display of affectionate nuzzling and licking with their udders being singled out for special attention. Well, we can hardly blame them for that: if this perky pair were gracing my abode I would certainly be paying plenty of attention to their udders. It is an established fact of veterinary science that all petgirls are calmed and soothed by an affectionate udder rub. I feel sure that the pet lovers among you will be as enchanted as I am by this delicious duo and would jump at the chance to welcome them into your home.


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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