Topless nun being punished in front of all the other nuns

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It’s naughty nun time again here at ENFdaily with this clip from the 1974 nunsploitation classic Le scomunicate di San Valentino, usually translated into English as The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine. If you enjoy a spot of topless nun abuse (and, quite frankly, I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t) then this is the film for you. As nuns go this lot are right up there on the sinful front with some sapphic sisters who are always on the look out for a bit of steamy nun on nun action. Then there is the abbess, Sister Incarnation, who really has a thing for BDSM. In this scene one of the nuns, Sister Rosario (played by Aldina Martano), has had a touch of the lurgy which the deranged disciplinarian abbess at once attributes to demonic possession and decides can only be cured by driving out the devil by means of a sound topless flogging for the unfortunate Sister Rosario in front of all the other nuns which is presumably intended to bolster nun morale. As to whether this is an accurate portrayal of convent life I cannot say: in my younger days there was a convent school in my home town but for some unknown reason I was never extended an invitation to tour the premises. I can only assume that this was because my suspicions about naughty nuns were well founded and they wanted to guard their secrets. What other reason could there possibly have been? In closing I shall only say that this clip is not the only instance of topless nun torment the film has to offer, making it is a must see for all aficionados of nun flogging fun.


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