The Runes of Shame: a spooky ENF school story

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Here is a brand new ENF story for ENFdaily readers: The Runes of Shame by Fnarf Fnarfson. This tale involves a geeky schoolgirl whose ineptitude at sport leads to her being subjected to merciless humiliation by her disciplinarian PE teacher. The wronged girl turns in desperation to the occult arts in the hope of exacting revenge upon her tormentor. The vengeance she has in mind involves her teacher being subjected to an awful lot of nudity and embarrassment. Discover how her plan plays out in The Runes of Shame (reading time around 30 minutes). To give credit where it is due I should point out that this is a re-telling of the classic horror story Casting the Runes by M R James with the runes in question causing embarrassment rather than death. For those of you who would like to listen to the musical accompaniment for the second half of the story it can be found here.



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