The Queen of ENF: an ENF tribute to Barbara Windsor

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Perhaps The Queen of ENF may be overstating it slightly but it cannot be denied that Barbara Windsor featured in more ENF scenes than any other mainstream actress. This modest selection of some of her more memorable ENF and EUF scenes features Babs exposed in a variety of situations from hotels to hospitals and not only in contemporary scenarios but also depictions of historical ENF in films such as Carry On Henry and Carry On Dick. Bab’s baps graced our screens frequently in the ENF friendly 1960s and 70s, bursting out of bikinis, dresses and vintage costumes alike as she squealed and squirmed in feigned but remarkably convincing embarrassment perhaps best demonstrated by her surprised in the shower performance in Carry On Abroad. And when Babs wasn’t being exposed herself she was adept at exposing other females too with her best work in that sphere being her stripping of Margaret Nolan in the clothes ripping catfight scene in Carry On Girls. Then again records are made to be broken so perhaps one day a new batch of contenders will arise to battle for the crown of The Queen of ENF. But until that day dawns Babs will continue to reign supreme.

Barbara Windsor - the Queen of ENF
Barbara Windsor topless in Carry on Camping
the queen of ENF
Barbara Windsor shower ENF
catfight ENF - Margaret Nolan
The Queen of ENF stripping Margaret Nolan in a catfight
Barbara Windsor vs Margaret Nolan catfight
Barnara Windsor Margaret Nolan Carry on Girls
Babs holding her baps
ENF queen Barbara Windsor


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