Superheroine public ENF when she is teleported naked

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A favourite embarrassed nude female scenario for me (and, it seems, many other fans of the genre) is one in which a hapless heroine is defeated and then stripped by her gloating nemesis. If you are one of those who entertains such fantasies then you are sure to enjoy today’s post featuring as it does one of the top ENF actresses on the scene Ludella Hahn falling victim to some excruciating superheroine public ENF at the hands of a victorious villain. In this story Ludella takes on the role of Wonder Woman who is on a mission to prevent a supervillain known only as The Wizard from hatching one of his diabolical schemes. Alas for Wonder Hahn she has seriously underestimated the scope of his powers as he not only effortlessly defeats the meddling do gooder but removes her clothing for good measure. What really makes this video stand out for me is that the diabolical dastard is not content with enjoying the sight of the helpless heroine all by himself; he massively ramps up her humiliation by teleporting her into the middle of a major sporting event. The resulting superheroine public ENF is, at least in my opinion, truly awesome. This version is a lot shorter than the full video but nonetheless it still conveys the shameful (and comedic) plight of the hapless heroine. Another gem from Ludella’s treasury of ENF delights.


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    • Should I ever become the proud proprietor of ENF Film Studios I will be turning each and every one of my art works into a motion picture, making the world a happier place one embarrassed nude female at a time.

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