Sudden ENF for unlucky girls who are unexpectedly exposed

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Monty Python fans will know that no one expects the Spanish Inquisition. The reason for this is, of course, that their weapon is surprise. In much the same way many females do not expect the ENF community for precisely the same reason. We can see the result of unexpected ENF ninja incursions in this gallery of sudden ENF gifs. I find that embarrassed nude females are made all the more enchanting when they are also astonished by the shameful situation in which they suddenly find themselves. Sometimes the shock is so great that they quite forget to cover themselves up in that classic ENF pose we all love so much. Hopefully you will be as amused as I am as you watch these discombobulated babes being overcome with shock and horror as well as shame as sudden ENF events are unleashed upon them. My own particular favourite from this batch is the ginger beauty whose top suddenly vanishes: the way her boobs bounce and jiggle before she clasps them to recover her modesty is simply enchanting. That said there is plenty of variety on offer in this smorgasbord of embarrassment with abashed babes being rendered topless, bottomless and fully nude for your entertainment so you can all pick a favourite of your own.

sudden ENF 04
bikini EUF 01
bikini EUF 02
bikini EUF 03
sudden ENF 03
sudden ENF 02
sudden ENF 01
bikini EUF 04


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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  1. Good selection, that red haired one was a very good use of ENF as a video game advert (racing game I think) and always been fond of it. One of the things I love about enf is the expressions, when the moment of realization hits and their reaction to their exposure

    Towel drops are fun enf’s

  2. I’m totally agree with you. One of the exciting things of ENF is when the girl realizes that she is naked and try to cover herself. Specially when she can’t decide if she want to cover her boobs or her pussy and one of those remains exposed. Or when the boobs are so big that she can’t cover them with the arms.

    From the gifs, I love too the first one. How the redhead is so confuse watching her bare breasts as if the first time that she sees them. And the way that the boobs bounce is very hot.

    I also like the one where the air move the skirt and let us to watch the pussy. Imagine that she is your best friend and you can see for the first time that part of her body because of this.

    The one with the towel is exciting too. The face expression of the cop is funny although the scene feels less natural and accidental that others.

    • I think the girl dropping her towel is from a film or TV show which is probably why it seems staged but I have had a thing about towel drop ENF ever since I saw it happen once in real life when I was a kid.

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