Stripped superheroines defeated and disgraced

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Being a superheroine is obviously a risky career choice with danger lurking around every corner but quite apart from the risk of physical harm there is also the hazard of being subjected to forced nudity. This particular jeopardy seems to be especially prevalent in Japan as this selection of stripped superheroines (mostly from productions by the Giga studio) clearly demonstrate. Once the bad guys have defeated these hapless heroines they set to work on degrading and humiliating them without mercy as those costumes are ripped from them, revealing the tender flesh beneath and rendering the now helpless girls vulnerable and dishonoured whereupon they are subjected to further indignities such as bondage, groping, torture and whatever other degradations the victorious villains see fit to inflict upon them. The price of failure is high indeed as these stripped superheroines are learning to their cost.


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