Stripped in class: a schoolgirl’s punishment for truancy

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Here is a fine example of how school discipline should be administered; with a large helping of naked female embarrassment. When a Japanese schoolgirl gets caught out for playing truant her teacher and classmates are not best pleased with her. As she cowers in shame before the onslaught of stinging verbal rebukes one girl suggests that the truant should be made to spend the entire school day stark naked to teach her a lesson. The teacher at once agrees to this unusual but entertaining sanction as the whole class demands that she strip. The truant girl proves to be bashful and refuses to disrobe despite all the cajoling so that two other girls take matters into their own hands quite literally, removing the wrongdoer’s garments as she is forcibly stripped in class to the delight of her laughing classmates. At last she is rendered nude with her hands pinned at her sides so that she is unable to cover herself as she quails in shame. I think this scene would have been improved considerably if, after being stripped in class, the teacher had then given her a severe naked caning with the entire class watching and cheering as she yelped and whimpered in pain and mortification, but maybe that’s just me always wanting more.

This clip is taken from the video Tuesday is Come To School Naked Day 2


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  1. This site and enf-cmnf are the only one’s that I’ve found that produces solid ENF content. Has anyone found non-japanese content that is similar to this? The “Girls will be Girls” Patreon is producing good content and allows input for video production. However, the acting isn’t great and their ability to produce a realistic setting and proper embarrassment is lacking. It’s amazing how many CFNM mixed classroom videos there are that maximize male embarrassment with female spectators. I wish there was more with the roles reversed!

    • The Japanese certainly are world leaders when it comes to ENF. In the West ENF seems to be a sub set of BDSM and spanking which is why there is so much of it on this site. I share your disappointment that there are so many CFNM and ENM vids while there is so little CFNF, CMNF and ENF. Thanks for the vote of confidence BTW.

    • I wish you’d gone to my school, although concentrating on quadratic equations might have been a challenge.

  2. loved it. Could not agree more about giving her a naked caning. One can imagine her having 50 strokes and after only 12 strokes she becomes involuntarily aroused in front of everyone. All she can do is cry and howl and keep hold her position ‘bent over legs apart’ and endure the pain, embarrassment and her audience’s laughter. After the caning she has to wall sit still naked in front of the class showing her aroused pussy for the rest of the lesson. It’s a pity ‘Zenra’ can’t do a co-production with ‘Spanked cuties’ and make such movies (WITHOUT PIXIE LATED). Your ‘Caned in front of the whole school’ picture from May 2020 is still one of my favourite pictures.

    • With Zenra’s impressive production values they could make the best school spanking video ever. I only wish I had time to become fluent in Japanese so I could suggest it to them. Or, even better, that I had the budget to make Caned in Front of the Whole School: The Motion Picture. While I was about it I would turn my other artworks into full length feature films too. Maybe one day…

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