Strip fighting girls putting on a show for a very happy guy

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There was a whole lot of ENF going on back in the Swinging 60s and here is yet another example from the 1966 film Blow Up. This movie follows the adventures of hedonistic fashion photographer Thomas whose lifestyle of constant sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll leads him to get involved in some shady shenanigans when he encounters a mysterious woman. Despite this diversion he still manages to find time for plenty of hedonism as in this scene where his studio is invaded by a pair of wannabe models played by Jane Birkin and Gillian Hills. Seeing as they only appear in the film to provide some gratuitous female nudity their characters do not even have names; they are credited only as The Blond (Jane) and The Brunette (Gillian). When Thomas discovers them trying on outfits from his props room without permission he quite understandably sets about removing the pilfered clothing by force which results in the two babes deciding to try out some forced stripping on each other while Thomas watches the strip fighting girls in delight before joining in with the fun. Alas the scene is all too brief as the film quickly returns to the plot. I would have been more than happy if the hero had been inspired to set up a CFNF wrestling franchise with wall to wall strip fighting girls entertaining the public as they ripped one another’s clothes off in sexy catfight action. Why does mainstream entertainment never live up to my ENF expectations?


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