Street hypnosis ENF when a hypnotised girl strips stark naked

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The ENF Community are a most imaginative bunch which is probably no surprise given that the woeful lack of ENF action which blights our lives means that we must largely entertain ourselves with fantasy ENF scenarios. However, that imaginative trait does mean that we often repurpose things intended for other uses to feed our cravings. One great example of this is the Miku Miku Dance program which was originally created to produce anime style dance videos but was almost at once enthusiastically adopted by technically minded ENF fans to create anime style videos of embarrassed nude females and in my opinion one of the most gifted exponents of MMD ENF videos is StrangerMMD whose works you can find here. As a taster here is one of this ENF genius’s works which entails a girl experiencing street hypnosis ENF when she reluctantly agrees to be mesmerised only to become a helpless marionette in the hands of a depraved Svengali who makes her strip and dance completely naked in public for her own perverted pleasure. I think you will agree that Miku Miku Dance lends itself well to ENF anime (I would give it a go myself but alas it is a Windows ™ program and having escaped the Hell of Gates I am reluctant to return). However this street hypnosis ENF video (along with the rest of StrangerMMD’s awesome portfolio) might inspire some of you to make some MMD videos of your own and, if so, I would be very interested to see what you come up with.


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