Spanking mix of bared female bums being thoroughly thrashed

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Sometimes it seems as though it just doesn’t matter how many badly behaved girls get their underwear taken down so they can be subjected to a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking there will always be another batch of misbehaved minxes getting themselves into all sorts of trouble. Some may claim that this only serves to demonstrate that corporal punishment is not an effective deterrent for wicked young ladies and to them I say tish, tosh and old wet fish. To my mind it is clear that there has simply not been enough thrashing of bared female bottoms and that is the root of the problem. While I may be forced to concede that the enjoyment I derive from seeing bad girls being dealt a sound whacking on their unprotected nether cheeks could sway my judgement in these matters nonetheless I remain convinced that my objectivity remains unimpaired. Take the time to peruse this spanking mix gallery and I feel confident that you will be won over by the view that you can never have too many uncovered feminine bums getting a good drubbing. Should you remain unconvinced then I can only keep uploading further spanking mix galleries in the hope that you will eventually be converted to the Way of the Spanker (or the Way of the Spankee if your bread is buttered that side).

Russian caning 01
spanking mix 03
punished in class 01
spanking mix 01
spanking mix 02
vintage birching 01
spanking mix 04
punished schoolgirl 01
spanking mix 05
cfnf punishment 01
spanking mix 06
punished schoolgirl 02


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