Spanking gifs of bad girls receiving bare bottom punishments

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There can be little doubt that badly behaved girls are the bane of society, being the wellspring from which all other forms of naughtiness flow. In order to prevent them from corrupting their peers and plunging the world into an abyss of depravity it is essential to nip any naughtiness in the bud with a quick dose of corporal punishment. This sage approach is aptly demonstrated in this collection of spanking gifs in which we can observe the bared bottoms of female delinquents quivering delightfully as they are subjected to a series of stinging blows. They are, I think you will agree, a mesmerising sight as they wobble enchantingly. I have thought that such a thing would make a most excellent screensaver except for the obvious downside that I would never get any work done. Quite apart from the wobbling bums there is also the rewarding sight of those mischievous minxes flinching as the castigating blows strike home, their faces contorted in contrition and discomfort. It is to be hoped that this selection of spanking gifs will be instructional to anyone wishing to do their bit in preventing wicked girls from undermining the pillars of civilisation as well as being a fun watch.

spanking gifs 03
bw punishments 01
spanking gifs 01
bw punishments 02
spanking gifs 02
bw punishments 03
spanking gifs 05
bw punishments 04
spanking gifs 04


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  1. My favourite was of Tipi being beaten with a wet towel from the ‘The prison punishment show’ where she and three other girls were publicly whipped and caned. She also was publicly birched in the Mood production of ‘Lashville, town of justice’ and starred in ‘Lie detector 1’ where she received the most humiliating and severe 50 stroke caning and the most explicit and humiliating pussy shocking. All the GIFS were great. Love this site, you work so hard.

    • It’s nice to be appreciated. If my efforts play a part in bringing about the ENF Revolution it will all have been worthwhile.

  2. Well, of course we need to be spanked when we deserve it. But it is better with the tits out and sense them moving with each strike.

    I like the gif that seems that it is on an office table. Context is everything.

    • Workplace based ENF disciplinary procedures really should be a thing. Clearly HR managers are failing in their duty. A good nude spanking in front of the entire workforce would soon make them buck their ideas up.

      • You are right. Seeing the consecuences the employees will give their best.
        Also it will remove distractions. When you have seen what there is under the blouse and skirt of your coworkers, you stop spending time imaging how the boobs will be or if they hopefully have hair down there.

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