Spanked schoolgirls being subjected to bare bottom thrashings

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I would be the first to admit that spanked schoolgirls are something of a cliche and yet despite that they are still very much in demand. There is a certain timeless quality about a naughty schoolgirl with her school issue knickers pulled down and being subjected to some (more or less) well deserved corporal punishment. As far back as I have been able journey into the archives there are plentiful examples of these mischievous minxes getting their just deserts. In fact it seems no exaggeration to assume that for as long as there have been schoolgirls there have been spanked schoolgirls bringing joy to fans of the genre. Were I to be the head teacher of a ladies college you can take it as read that the code of conduct would result in a plethora of red and stinging female nether cheeks (and not just the students either, female staff members who incurred my ire would also find their bare bottoms soundly thrashed by one of the many finely crafted implements in my spanking armoury). Indeed I should think I would be very much at risk of developing the spanker’s equivalent of tennis elbow although that would be a sacrifice I would gladly make to ensure that spanked schoolgirls always learned the error of their ways.

spanked schoolgirls 06 - Kami Robertson
bare bottom caning 02
Nikki gets caned
spanked schoolgirls 01
vintage punishment 01
spanked schoolgirls 02
spanked schoolgirls 03
otk punishment 01
naked slippering
paddled on the bare bum
spanked schoolgirls 04
spanked schoolgirls 05


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