Secretary forced to strip at work by her disciplinarian boss

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Now here is an employer who runs his business in a way that I, and undoubtedly all aficionados of CMNF punishments, would very much approve of. This fellow wisely keeps instruments of correction, along with restraints, in his office so that he is always ready to dispense summary justice to lackluster female employees who are not giving their all for the company. When the day comes that Fnarf Industries bestrides the corporate world like a colossus with Your Humble Blogger at the helm I envisage things being much like this. Here we can see an under-performing secretary forced to strip for a spanking and flogging session to induce her to raise her game. It is always good to see an employer make his underlings strip stark naked as a prelude to being disciplined, an approach I wholeheartedly applaud. I believe that I speak for the ENF Community in general when I say that there should be some sort of TV show like The Apprentice where this is how failing female applicants are fired. If I have one minor gripe with this scene it is that we don’t see the unsatisfactory secretary forced to strip for a spanking in front of all the other employees in order to make an example of her to the rest. Other than that I would say this is a fine example of office based CMNF discipline. If you enjoy workplace based corporal punishment videos you can find plenty more like this at Spanking Them.


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