Saucy nuns getting up to all sorts of undressed naughtiness

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Here is another bevy of saucy nuns for all you fans of convent based naughtiness. These clips are taken from the 1974 nunsploitation classic School of the Holy Beast (Seij├╗ gakuen) which is certainly a cut above the average in this genre, featuring a coherent plot, competent acting and some impressive cinematography all round. However, that does not mean that there is any lack of saucy nuns getting up to all sorts of sexy antics; quite the opposite in fact. This movie tells the tale of novice nun Maya (Yumi Takigawa) who enters the Sacred Heart Convent to investigate a crime which she believes may have been committed there. No sooner is she within the confines of the convent than she is compelled to get naked in front of all the other nuns for some CFNF ogling. It soon becomes clear that Japanese saucy nuns are just as depraved as their European counterparts with no shortage of lesbian sex, a perverted and sadistic mother superior and, of course, plenty of flagellation. This film even features a couple of the nuns involved in a topless whip fight, which is certainly a first so far as I know. Quite how it is that this scene did not lead to topless nun whip fighting becoming a recognised sport is beyond my comprehension, although I admit that my sporting tastes may be considered a little eccentric. Quite apart from all those nude and near nude nuns the film is also a murder mystery, thus providing entertainment on multiple levels.


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