Roman arena punishments: nude girls are whipped in public

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Here is a window to the past and a time when female felons were stripped stark naked and subjected to corporal punishments in very public settings. These drawings are taken from the Gabriel Roman Arena Punishments series which you can see in full here (this is only a a small selection of this impressive body of work). Back in Roman times individual magistrates could interpret the law pretty much as they saw fit which gave those with a predilection for ENF the opportunity to have some pervy fun. This is a tradition which Your Humble Blogger would love to see revived in modern times and I know I am not alone in that. When badly behaved girls were subjected to a naked public thrashing it no doubt taught them to respect the Romans as well as setting an example to other would be malcontents and providing wholesome entertainment for the general population at the same time. I mean, what’s not to like? But I suppose that until such times as our modern society sees the sound common sense in such an approach we will just have to make do with whatever representations of those happy days as we can find and I have to say that in my experience the Roman Arena Punishments series is one of the finest examples on the web.

Roman arena punishments 01
public whipping 01
public whipping 02
public whipping 03
public whipping 04
Roman arena punishments 02
Roman arena punishments 03
Roman arena punishments 04


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  1. I did not think that the Romans had shavers for their lady gardens. Flagellation was far kinder than some of the Roman entertainment such as feeding people to the lions and naked burning at the stake which befell the early Christians. I do love this ENF / BDSM artwork.

    • I recall reading some years back that in Classical Greece courtesans used to remove their downstairs hair with a candle flame which seems a rather risky method of depilation (although probably not without its comedic moments).

      • I expect the courtesans were using the candles for other things wick in and wick out.It gives a whole new meaning to “Candles out girls”