Pussywhipped: bad girls receiving extreme punishment

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This group of misfortunate females must have really gone beyond the pale to have brought this degree of retribution upon themselves. Whatever it is that they have done wrong their masters have imposed a most draconian sanction as they are pussywhipped for their misdemeanours. And they certainly seem to be finding it a truly eye watering experience as their bared lower lips are subjected to the searing sting of the whip. Some, to their credit, are brave girls who willingly remain in place, legs akimbo, to stoically take the prescribed punishment. Most, however, must needs be restrained before being pussywhipped to prevent them from writhing about as the lash snakes towards their unprotected pubic mounds. Probably in olden times female wrongdoers were publicly subjected to such discipline for the edification of the masses but such public spectacles have sadly fallen from favour in modern times. Thank goodness we have the internet to make up for it.

flogged flaps 01
pussywhipped 01
pussywhipped 03
flogged flaps 02


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