Public ENF for unlucky manga girls exposed to passers by

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ENF is a wonderful thing. That is a statement I am confident we can all agree on. But given that there are so many variations on that theme we may not all concur as to which of them constitutes our favourite. For me one of the front runners for that coveted prize is public ENF. Surely the degree of mortification experienced by an embarrassed nude female is in direct proportion to the number of onlookers she is exposed to. Perhaps one of the more mathematically gifted readers of this blog could produce an algorithm to prove it. Certainly there are other mortification modifiers which might come into play such as the humiliation experienced by a heroine stripped naked by her nemesis but of course any nemesis worthy of the name would make sure that such a shaming was witnessed by as many people as possible. The misfortunate manga babes in this gallery really look as though they are experiencing almost off the scale levels of disgrace as they are ogled, demeaned and laughed at by the hordes of people around them. Wouldn’t it be grand if examples of public ENF such as these were a regular feature of real life? Surely that is the very stuff that the dreams of ENF aficionados are spun from.

public ENF 01
public ENF 02
public ENF 03
public ENF 04
public ENF 05
public ENF 06
manga nip 01
manga nip 02
manga nip 03
manga nip 04
manga nip 05
manga nip 06


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