Public CFNF forced stripping scene: Monica Bellucci in Malena

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Some ENF action from the Second World War for you today with a public CFNF forced stripping scene from the 2000 film Malena. This blog has delved into the subject of ENF justice being handed out to girls who collaborated with the Nazis during that conflict before, both in a cinematic context and with some genuine historical photographs of these events. In this film the character of Malena Scordia, played by Monica Bellucci, whose husband is being held as a prisoner of war decides to get herself some preferential treatment from the occupying Germans by being a shameless strumpet and having sex with any number of them. This works very well for her until liberation occurs and she faces the fate of so many such hussies when a group of vengeful women drag her out into the street for some summary public CFNF forced stripping retribution. Sadly for ENF aficionados she doesn’t get stripped completely nude although her big boobs are very much displayed to the assembled multitude. That said there seems to be a glaring continuity error in that when she is dragged out at the start of the scene she is clearly not wearing any knickers but in the next shot she is. Thereafter the knickers become ever more firmly secured. It seems unlikely that the avenging harpies would take her knickers down and then put them back. Not only does she get stripped for being an adulterous trollop, the women also give a sound thrashing and a forced haircut (upstairs hair only, even though her massive mega muff could clearly do with a trim) to impress upon her the error of her ways. And in front of all those townspeople too. Oh the shame.

Monica Bellucci stripped
Public CFNF retribution.
public cfnf forced stripping
Hell hath no fury…


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  1. Loved this scene. Nothing a women hates more than displaying an untidy muff apart from having her hair completely trashed. Love to see the tart who stole my hubby only to to leave him three months later for another married man with a family totally stripped in public and have her hair completely ruined or shaved off. Sorry women can be cruel to other women and take delight in seeing rivals and enemies humiliation. Very therapeutic. Love this site. How about a man with a small dick ‘my ex’ being laughed at by loads of women. He would hate that. Some pics I can imagine myself naked, very erotic.

    • Thanks Victoria. While ENM lies beyond the scope of this site WordPress happily has a blog for everything and you can see plenty of embarrassed nude males here.

  2. I love this scene and and the forced hair cut and watched it a few times. I wish she had her lovely hairy pussy on show throughout the hair cut. I love the pictures of the criminals paraded or punished in public with the attending WPCs. To make it even more embarrassing I would love to see them forced to sit naked infront of a laughing public with their hairy pussies on display while they have there heads shaved bald, but not to tidy. A girl could not be more naked with a bare head. She could then also have her head coated with tar and feathers to make her even more humiliated. She is then paraded. I think this should be included in our sentencing policy. WW2 Women collaborators punishments is also a fetish as the above clip and I like tar and feather punishments also to increase ENFs embarrassment. I have had this fetish since seeing John Waynes Mc Clintock when Maureen O Hara got tarred and feathered though still sadly clothed. She also had a public spanking. I like CP porn and can easily view spanking porn but I have yet to see a CP film studio include the above type of NEF punishments.

    • I haven’t seen McLintock in years. I recall the public spanking but not the tarring and feathering. Which means I shall have to watch it again in the very near future.