Policewoman forced to strip before being bound and spanked

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Here is a treat for all of you who are fans of scenarios involving girls in uniform being stripped or made to strip. This post also features another of my favourite spanking models in the entrancing form of Kami Robertson. All of the most memorable spankees bring some unique aspect of their personalities to their works such as projecting a bratty persona or affecting an air of indignation. In Kami’s case it was her convincing portrayal of contrition that really made her stand out from the crowd. These days she works exclusively as a dominatrix which is a sad loss to fans of her spankee oeuvre but I don’t doubt she brings great joy to those of a submissive bent. In this video from the Spanked in Uniform studio she plays the role of a policewoman forced to strip by her superior when she turns up for work without her handcuffs and has to confess that she has been using them for playing saucy sex games with her partner. Having already given her a sound spanking her superior officer has ordered her to spend some corner time reflecting on her misdeeds which gives him the opportunity to realise that he has made a most egregious error in not making her strip completely naked for her punishment (which is where we join the action). He at once puts this oversight to rights as we get to witness the naughty policewoman forced to strip under the watchful gaze of her tormentor before he binds her and gives her a sound caning. In the full version of the video he also spanks her with a paddle for good measure. While watching a female being forced to remove her clothing always brings joy to ENF lovers when the clothes in question are also a symbol of her authority it really turns up the ENF fun a few notches.


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  1. I applaud everyone involved for having the lovely spankee remove every stitch of her clothing so she’s completely head-to-toe nude. Because that’s how a proper spanking is administered.