Oppai EUF mishaps befalling embarrassed manga girls

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Here goes with another round of ecchi embarrassment here at ENFdaily as a batch of manga babes cringe in shame when their big bouncing boobies are exposed to our enraptured gaze in an orgy of oppai EUF. Manga and anime artists have a happy knack of summoning up visions of what would be an earthly paradise for all ENF and EUF fans. Can there be a single one of us who does not dream of living in a world in which luscious babes regularly found themselves undressed and embarrassed at a moment’s notice? In that fondly imagined ENF Shangri-la there is an almost infinite variety of ways in which beauteous babes might be uncovered for our delight with nopan naughtiness, dissolving clothes, embarrassing magical mishaps and shamed superheroines to name but a few. Today’s oppai EUF gallery focuses on the sub genre of suddenly exposed titties rendering their owners red faced with discombobulation and the rest of us delirious with delight. There is something about the unexpected appearance of an unfettered boob or two which invokes a sense of joy all of its very own (or at least it does for Your Humble Blogger). Even the sub set of bared baps still offers plenty of variety when it comes to situations in which those treasures might be revealed so there should be plenty here to keep you entertained.

boob camouflage
abashed bunny
oppai euf 01
oppai euf 02
concealing the boobs
oppai euf 03
oppai euf 04
oppai euf 05
oppai euf 06
exposed boobs 01
exposed boobs 02
exposed boobs 03


Join me in the Fnarf side.


2 Responses

  1. Nice drawings.

    I like the most the one of the woman in the supermarket getting a breast out by accident by her child. I also like the detail that she is a wearing a bra.

    I like also the bikini girl that has the top unfastened by accident and she is totally embarrased when feels that the tit has been exposed.

    • I have seen boobs exposed by kids more than once. When an infant wants boob access there seems to be just no stopping them. Oh well, start the way you mean to go on I suppose.

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