Oops nipple slip girls showing off more than they meant to

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Here in the northern hemisphere where Your Humble Blogger dwells things are a touch wintery at the moment and we are all looking forward to the arrival of spring, bringing with it an abundance of budding boobies bursting forth from their winter confinement. Of course those of us who enjoy EUF entertainment can scarcely wait that long and so here is a gallery of oops nipple slip incidents as a foretaste of all those unexpectedly escaped baps we are so eagerly looking forward to once things start to warm up a bit. I think you will agree that this is an impressive array of pert and perky funbags which is sure to bring a smile to the face of any boob connoisseur. It appears that all of these oops nipple slip ladies are blissfully unaware of their public boob exposure and it is rather fun to speculate on just how long such a situation might continue before they become cognisant of the howling boob they have made (no pun intended other than the obvious one). That look of discombobulation which etches itself on the face of a suddenly self aware EUF is truly priceless. There is always the possibility that these pictures were taken by a happy chance during a fleeting moment of boob exposure or even that some of these girls are naughty minxes who are exposing themselves on purpose for the thrill of it (I’m sure we’ve all encountered a few of those). Whatever the story behind these enchanting images I trust you will enjoy the view.

escaped boob 05
escaped boob 06
oops nipple 01
oops nipple 02
oops nipple 03
oops nipple 04
oops nipple 05
oops nipple 06
escaped boob 01
escaped boob 02
escaped boob 03
escaped boob 04


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