Old school CMNF: nude women are displayed to lucky chaps

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Once more ENFdaily readers can take a trip down mammary lane to a time when gentlemen were gentlemen and ladies were adorned with enormous muffs. Moreover, those mighty muffs are plainly visible as they are displayed to delighted chaps in this gallery of old school CMNF photographs. Happy days indeed I’m sure you will agree. Certainly the lucky fellows in these photos seem to be absolutely enraptured with the situation which is quite understandable. I imagine that, like me, you wish that you could discover an ENF time machine so that you too could be part of these happy scenes. If these images are to be believed then back in the day unclothed women were popping up all over the place to bring joy to the masses and raise morale in general. Can we really doubt that these are authentic historical documents? My own particular favourite is the deliriously happy looking old fellow out amid nature with a pair of completely naked young ladies he seems to have chanced upon in the undergrowth. I recall a time, not so very long ago, when undressed women (and men for that matter) might suddenly appear in remote locations but alas a new age of puritanism has been imposed (at least where I live) and we are no longer afforded such delights. I only hope it will not be too long before a more tolerant age dawns and once more old school CMNF will return to our shores.

naughty girl 01
old school CMNF 01
raising morale
female flasher
old school CMNF 02
old school CMNF 03
old school CMNF 04
old school CMNF 05
naked on the job
nude shopping
nudes in nature
old school CMNF 06


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  1. Thanks,I liked the muffs and the chance to compare bush and shaven. Women definitely look better with bush, even nicely trimmed like the first pic. Glad now that they are making a comeback. The only good thing to come out of woke.