Office EUF when a female employee is tied up and spanked

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I do enjoy a spot of work based female nudity, especially when it involves oodles of embarrassment too and so for those of you who share this passion here is a video from Japan showing a female employee who has let the side down and is now paying the price as she is subjected to some office EUF shenanigans. How I wish such scenes were being played out for real in workplaces around the globe rather than being confined to adult videos and the overheated imaginations of the ENF Community. Quite why it is that employers have failed to implement such practices really is quite beyond me. Just imagine how keen we would all be to put in a shift if this was the sort of thing we could look forward to as a perk of the job. If I was CEO of a company you can take it as read that I would treat my employees to such spectacles even if it meant hiring temporary female staff from the world of internet porno to provide some much needed office EUF to boost morale among my workers. Nor would I stop with office staff: employees in the warehouse, cafeteria and other sundry subsets of Fnarf Worldwide would also be entitled to such treats. Given the choice between, say, a works outing or the chance to give a bound and undressed babe a good spanking with a wet towel I know which I would choose, and I suspect readers of this blog would make the same choice too.


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