Nude whipped girls enduring the searing sting of the lash

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It very much looks as though yet another batch of misbehaved females are paying the price for their misdeeds as we get to witness this bevy of nude whipped girls flinching from the stinging sensation of leather on flesh. Well, they can flinch all they want but it will be to no avail as they have all been firmly secured in place to prevent any chance of escape from what are no doubt well deserved drubbings. The punishments are clearly being handed out by experienced disciplinarians as they are concentrating on some very sensitive areas for their attacks. In short, they seem to be very much aiming for the tits in most cases. It must be said a pair of unfettered funbags do present a very tempting target both for their sensitivity and for the way they jiggle about in response to any sort of impact. I think we can take it as read that these searing strokes are eliciting some very gratifying yelps and squeals from the young ladies involved. Most likely there are some pitiable pleas for mercy too but it is for their own good that the lesson is well and truly driven home. It is important that the memory of their castigation should live with them for a good long time. Otherwise there is a very real risk that these nude whipped girls will all too soon return to their unacceptable ways. And we wouldn’t want that, would we?

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whipped wobblers 01
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