Nude prison punishment for a misbehaved female inmate

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Nude prison scenes are a mainstay of ENF cinema and today we have a fine example from the Pink Eiga video Female Prisoner Ayaka (Joshû Ayaka: Itaburi mesu chôkyô), made in 2008. As you would expect, this Women in Prison offering has the obligatory strip search scene but differs from the usual format in that the prison officers are male rather than the sadistic lesbians who are almost always running the show when it comes to correctional institutions for badly behaved females. But then this is a rather alternative telling of the hapless female inmate suffering at the hands of the regime story in that the victim is in fact a bored housewife who fantasises about being a bad girl who gets sent to prison to be subjected to all sorts of degrading treatment. As the film progresses the lines between reality and fantasy become increasingly blurred until things reach a stage at which Ayaka, rather like the philosopher who dreamed he was a butterfly and awoke questioning whether he was a butterfly dreaming of being a philosopher, can no longer tell whether she is a housewife fantasising about being a prisoner or a prisoner who yearns to be a bored housewife. Strange though this take on the WiP genre may be, rest assured that it contains all the nude prison shenanigans you would expect from such a movie.


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