Nude ninja girls using their bodies to befuddle their foes

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It is a given that ninjas are a right sneaky bunch but there is ample evidence that female ninjas are way more devious than their male counterparts. Should you not be convinced then take a look at these clips from the 1976 film Female Ninjas in Bed with the Enemy (Kunoichi ninpo: Kannon biraki) in which we can see plentiful examples of nude ninja babes employing their bared bodies to confuse their male opponents. This movie tells the tale of three female members of a ninja clan (played by Megumi Hori, Maki Tachibana and Keiko Kinugasa) who are on a mission to recover a trove of stolen treasure and set about achieving their goal by getting naked at every opportunity. These naughty nude ninja babes can also use their powers to have remote sex with those they seek to discombobulate and even when they are captured (naked of course) and put in chains they still find a way to escape their foes. With abilities like these you can clearly see that female shadow warriors make for highly dangerous adversaries and it would be most unwise to get on the wrong side of them. Although I suppose that if you did then having a bunch of unclothed babe assassins turning up to finish you off (no pun intended other than the obvious one) would ensure that at least you’d die with a smile on your face.


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