Nude kung fu girl in CMNF martial arts action

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When it comes to cinematic ENF the ninja exploitation genre is the gift that just keeps giving. Take, for example, the 80s chop socky classic Golden Ninja Warrior which has already featured in this post. Just to underline the ENF credentials of low budget ninja flicks here are two more scenes from the same film. Both feature CMNF fight action with a nude kung fu girl taking on fully clothed male opponents. The character of Sherri Lee (played by Queenie Yang) is seeking to avenge the death of her father at the hands of a crime syndicate with her ninja combat skills. Oddly for a ninja she doesn’t seem to have watched many ninja films. If she had then she would have known that whenever a girl has a shower in ninja movies she will be ambushed by the bad guys. Which is, of course, exactly what happens. On this occasion the nude kung fu girl emerges victorious from the fray and goes after the Big Boss. Unfortunately for her Mr Big has employed a ninja girl of his own and the evil duo are able to win the fight, subduing her with the Shaolin Buddha Boob Punch. Mr Big cannot resist the opportunity to strip the unconscious Sherri naked and tie her up while his evil girl ninja sidekick gloats at the scene, sneering “So much for the Golden Ninja”. So when the good guys somewhat belatedly come to the rescue they discover the intoxicating Sherri naked and bound, unable to hide her humiliation. Ninja ENF gold.

nude kung fu girl 01
nude kung fu girl 02
nude kung fu girl 03
cmnf martial arts 01
cmnf martial arts 02
embarrassing rescue


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