Nude hockey girl is the only one naked in a packed stadium

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In that ENF charged alternative reality which infuses the dreams of Your Humble Blogger another CFNF sporting event is under way. The sport on this occasion is field hockey and, as we can see, one player has cause to regret her headstrong actions in the preceding match where a reckless challenge too many resulted in her being shown a red card. Under the rules set down by the CFNF Hockey League (which are explained in this post) she thereby racked up the required bad behaviour points tally to incur the shameful penalty of being made to play the next game naked. The lure of watching a nude hockey girl being made to serve her shameful sentence has proved to be overwhelming as ticket sales for this match were the highest of the entire season with every seat in the house being sold out within minutes of going on sale. It really looks as though the paying public are getting their money’s worth watching and cheering while the nude hockey girl tries her utmost to ignore her embarrassment (an endeavour not helped by the mocking comments of the opposing team and the laughter and catcalls of the crowd) and concentrate on doing her best for the team cause. I hope you will agree that the sooner some ENF friendly rule changes are made to women’s sports the sooner the world will become a happier place for everyone (except for the ENF athletes of course).

nude hockey girl paying the penalty


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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  1. The red lady on the left is certainly taking a good look. Concentrating on the ball or on the humiliation of her opponent?

    Would certainly teach players not to endanger others with reckless challenges. It is good to see the crowds packed in to show their disapproval, good teasing cover with the arm

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