Nude gymnastics punishment for a drug cheat female athlete

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Today sees a continuation on the sporting theme with another one of my favourite flights of fancy when watching women’s sports, namely that an element of ENF is injected into proceedings with a change to the rules which would force sportswomen who have been caught out as drug cheats to be banned from competing in their chosen sport for life unless they submit to the shameful penalty of performing naked in public. Just think of it; the ignominy of having to strip completely naked in front of all her contemptuous fellow competitors before performing a nude sporting routine for a vast laughing and jeering crowd while her ordeal is broadcast to a global audience of billions. I have no doubt whatsoever that such a move would prove to be hugely popular. Just to demonstrate the principle here is a representation of just such a wrongdoer having to perform a nude gymnastics routine at a major sporting event. Apart from the naked gymnast everyone seems to be very much enjoying her performance. You would imagine that trying to compete while cringing with embarrassment would make it extremely difficult to concentrate on the task in hand so she is hardly likely to beat her personal best. In fact there is probably a good chance that she will make a right mess of things and fall off of that beam to make her nude gymnastics performance even more hilarious. If only the ENF community was allowed to take charge of women’s spots; imagine how much fun we could have.

girl performing nude gymnastics
If only drug cheats were really dealt with in this way.


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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  1. Look at the size of that crowd and those very supportive fellow gymnasts all lined up below her (great varied enjoyment reactions), all coming to personally marvel at her gorgeous and very explicit display. Great touch the pose and impact on her chest of said pose, good description of her humiliation

    • If this post enhances anyone’s enjoyment of the Olympics then I will consider its creation time well spent.