Nude gladiator girl competing in the Roman Lesbian Games

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Most people are aware that gladiatorial combat was hugely popular back in Roman times but the existence of female gladiators seems to have been largely forgotten by history. How refreshing it is then to chance upon a film which celebrates the careers of those bodacious babes of the arena. Admittedly the film in question is Gladiator Eroticus vs the Lesbian Warriors which is a rather saucy satire of the Russell Crowe movie Gladiator. In this version of the tale General Eroticus (Darian Caine) is betrayed by duplicitous emperor Dickus Minimus, leading to her capture by Slave Master Fellatio who trains her to fight as a nude gladiator in the Lesbian Games, a combination of fierce girl on girl combat and sweet lesbian loving. Eroticus excels at both of these skills and the nude gladiator babe soon becomes a big hit with the crowd and the lover of the emperor’s sister, Clitoris (played by Misty Mundae who also features in this post). In an attempt to bring her down Dickus Minimus introduces men into the arena which, quite understandably, is far from popular with Lesbian Games aficionados, leading to open revolt against his overlordship. For those of you wishing to discover more about the real female gladiators of ancient Rome you can read a learned article on the subject here.


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