Ninja girl stripped and shamed by her triumphant foe

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Ninja assassins; their very name strikes fear into the hearts of their enemies. Yet despite their fearsome reputation they are not invincible. This female ninja has been defeated by her intended victim who is making the most of the opportunity to inflict some full on CFNF humiliation on her fallen foe. Not only has the hapless would be assassin been defeated and unmasked, she has been stripped completely naked apart from her tabi boots (which, as all fans of awful martial arts films will know, are worn only worn by ninjas) so as to advertise her profession and amplify her shame. Even that, it seems, is not retribution enough for the ruthless heroine who has dragged her defeated foe to a nearby temple so the monks can enjoy seeing a defeated ninja girl stripped naked, bound, hung upside down and being handed a severe thrashing with her own nunchucks. For the proud ninja warrior such humiliation is a fate far worse than death which is exactly why her vanquisher has subjected her to it. Merely to be defeated would have been shameful, being unmasked unthinkable, but a ninja girl stripped naked in public is disgraced beyond any hope of redemption.

defeated ninja girl stripped naked
An ignominious defeat.


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