Naughty nuns being subjected to CFNF discipline

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You might imagine that nuns would be a virtuous bunch but if this gallery of naughty nuns is anything to go by it would seem that assumption is some way wide of the mark. Looking at this selection of nuns being stripped naked and subjected to sound thrashings by disciplinarian nuns it is difficult to determine quite who is sinning and who is being sinned against. Are the nuns who are getting stripped, whipped and spanked naughty nuns being disciplined for their misdemeanours or are they the innocent victims of evil sado nuns who are the real villains of the piece? Perhaps all convents are organised to have the perfect balance of sadists and masochists within their confines. If so it could be that nuns inhabit the ideal CFNF sado/maso environment and are subsequently the happiest people on the planet. I certainly wouldn’t mind being the confessor to a convent full of naughty BDSM nuns and prescribing a penance of ten Hail Marys and a jolly good spanking. Whatever the truth of the matter it is my pious hope that you will find this gallery spiritually uplifting (although, of course, that would be an ecumenical matter).

a naughty nun
A naughty nun in need of a spanking.
naughty nuns 02
Let Jesus enter you.


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