Naked tennis girl is publicly humiliated for being a drug cheat

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No one likes a cheat. Brattish behaviour tends to alienate people too. So when a tennis player noted for her childish tantrums is exposed as a drug cheat you might suppose that plenty of people would revel in her disgrace. In this instance you would have supposed right. All the more so if these events are unfolding in a world where the rules for women’s sport are overseen by the ENF community. Put it all together and you would have all the conditions for a perfect ENF storm. And that is precisely what we have here. This high-and-mighty miss has earned herself the nickname of “The Teenage Terror” with her repeated on court sulks and tantrums which were made all the more irksome by the fact that she seemed invincible. Until her secret was revealed. In her hubris she managed to alienate her doctor who was so distracted by her latest fit of ill temper that he “accidentally” neglected to administer her masking agent with the result that her next drug test revealed that she had more than enough stimulants in her system to fuel a weekend long party in Hedonism City. Now the day of reckoning has dawned as the disgraced naked tennis girl prepares to serve with hot tears of shame pouring over her burning cheeks while the crowd laugh and jeer. No longer fuelled with illicit substances and with tears blurring her vision she is no doubt going to be handed a crushing defeat by her gloating opponent to the delight of the global digital audience who would be pleased enough to see a naked tennis girl in action at any time but are absolutely delighted to watch an obnoxious brat enduring such thorough and public nude humiliation.

naked tennis girl being pubicly humiliated
She’s not so high-and-mighty now.


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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  1. Love it

    Great story, the build up of mixing the two issues together was fun, I liked hedonism city line and how her brattish behavior led to the “unfortunate error” by pushing someone too far. Then really plays into the sheer humiliation of what is about to face and how these is even more added delight for the audience. I suspect, as popular as enf sports is (for it’s wise decision making and sporting prowess), this will draw an even bigger audience then normal due to her many misdeeds

    Picture captures a sense of the moment when all is quiet, her sports nightmare about to truly begin. I’m not one for tears in the eyes but a strong humiliated look with the lip biting, strong blush. All the focus on her as she prepares to serve, on her exposed form and knowing it is about to get a strong, bouncing workout as everything about her gets exposed

    She will be a legend. Far more then if she just been a champion, everyone will remember this match forever.

  2. Yet another great picture. Loved the embarrassed tearful expression on her face.Would loved to had saw her sat in some stocks with her legs secured apart while the other tennis pros served tennis balls that had been dipped in super hot chili sauce at full strength at her pussy.