Naked superheroine tied up and cuntbusted by the bad guys

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It seems to be pretty much a given that supervillains are a hopeless bunch. They are forever having their evil schemes thwarted because of some oversight in their evil master plan that should have been obvious to a five year old. For some reason they only ever seem to hire incompetent numbskulls as henchmen and insist on revealing their plans in detail to the hero before allowing said hero to escape on account of some massively over complicated plan for their demise involving giant lasers, piranha filled tanks and all the usual villainous paraphernalia. In a refreshing change from the usual formula here is one supervillain who wastes no time in taking care of his would be nemesis. Having laid a trap to capture his foe he now has the naked superheroine (a Kekko Kamen knock off called Sexy Mask) tied up before he gets a remarkably keen and efficient sidekick to subject her to a prolonged cuntbusting session in which he demonstrates his Thai Boxing skills in a brutal assault on the unfortunate female’s vagina. This uncharacteristically well organised evil genius has even equipped his henchman with a specially designed cuntbusting glove to inflict maximum damage to the target area in a maelstrom of vaginal carnage. After repeated kicks, knees and punches to her unprotected girl parts there is no way that this hapless naked superheroine is going to be bringing anyone to justice for some considerable time to come. Finally, some supervillainy done right.

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2 Responses

  1. Loved it, great find. Shame the Japanese villain Pixi Lated struck again to hide the best bits. Drat that pixel Asian. The Thai boxer certainly liked his dohnut’s, that was one well busted cunt.

    • I share your frustration; the Japanese produce the most innovative AV on the planet and then obfuscate all the best bits. Oh the irony.