Kekko Kamen: naked superheroine in a world of hurt

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In Japan being a superheroine is a perilous career choice. Quite apart from the obvious perils that go with the territory such as injury or untimely death they frequently end up (or even start out) naked and are likely to be subjected to all sorts of indignities and humiliating torments by the triumphant bad guys (and in the Japanese superheroine universe the bad guys seem to win far more often than not). Here we see Kekko Kamen not only naked (apart from her trademark mask) but also getting quite a beating from the bad guys. Of course, being bad guys they don’t fight fair and as if beating the living daylights out of a naked defenceless heroine isn’t heinous enough they are very much targetting her most vulnerable areas as they stomp on her unprotected breasts and vagina. That looks like it is really going to make her eyes water. Just to add further insult to injury the disgraced crime fighter is being handed out her humiliating punishment while laying in a pool of rancid muddy water. When Japanese villains take down a superheroine they clearly aren’t going to settle for half measures. It makes you wonder why anyone would take up the heroine mantle in the Land of the Rising Sun (but in the case of Kekko Kamen I’m glad she did).


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