More vintage CMNF photos of nude females from bygone days

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Once more we turn our attentions to undressed females from times gone by with this a gallery of some more vintage CMNF photos from the days when girls were allowed to display themselves in states of undress without fear of sanction. A golden age indeed for all lovers of CMNF and CFNF adventures. While we currently find ourselves living in a sanctimonious age where females are castigated for acts of nudity (or even partial nudity) in the mainstream media and in real life it is encouraging to remember that such restrictions have been imposed before by the infamous Hays Code in the 1930s but that after three and a half decades the Permissive Society swept these constraints aside to usher in a bright new era of sexual liberation. So while those killjoys who are so offended by the female form that they demand such obscenity be covered up currently have the upper hand I have no doubt that the wheel will turn once more as the joyous sight of female nudity once more sweeps the world. That said, it seems to be taking a bloody long time to happen. While we are waiting for that glorious day of liberation to dawn at least we can feast our eyes on these examples of more vintage CMNF photos from that halcyon age to keep our spirits up and our ENF glands very much a-tingle.

festival funbags
more vintage cmnf photos 04
cmnf discipline
enf performance art
bottomless in the sink
more vintage cmnf photos 02
nude girl and guardsman
more vintage cmnf photos 01


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3 Responses

  1. I love the first photo. The smiling face and the happy old guy touching the boob. Good times, indeed.

  2. Great pics from the days when naked young women looked like naked young women, not like now where they are tattooed and pierced like a bricky, pussy shaved like a nine year olds and plastic boobs. There needs to be porn sites of all genres where all the girls are as nature intended. Perhaps this is why Japanese porn is popular?.

    • Japanese girls are super cute alright although I think JAV also benefits from inventive scenarios and impressive production values. It seems the Japanese believe that if a porno is worth doing it is worth doing well which is much to their credit.