More manga slavegirls ready to obey your every command

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Given the popularity of last month’s post featuring a posse of perky manga girls in slave mode I think you should enjoy this gallery of yet more manga slavegirls demurely awaiting your command. Can there really be anyone on this good Earth who has not dreamed of being waited on by a bevy of pliant and scrumptious servitors? If there is then I reckon even a cursory glance at this collection of adorable ecchi babes whose only desire is to please should pretty soon change their minds. I mean, just look at them: surely their mere presence would quicken the pulse and uplift the spirit. No wonder that fellow lounging on a throne flanked by a brace of nude and shackled slavegirls is looking so pleased with himself. If I was in his place I would be thinking life was pretty peachy too. How I envy the lucky sod. I hope that as you peruse this adorable collection of still more manga slavegirls that you will be transported to your ecchi happy place and dream of an ideal world where such beauties could indeed enliven your life as all the ennui of humdrum existence evaporate in the warm glow of manga inspired contentment. After all, such reveries are just what this blog was created to inspire.

more manga slavegirls 06
shackled 03
more manga slavegirls 01
more manga slavegirls 02
happy chappy 01
more manga slavegirls 03
more manga slavegirls 04
pet market 01
shackled 01
serving girl 01
shackled 02
more manga slavegirls 05


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