Medical CMNF: clothed male doctors and nude female patients

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Some doctors, it seems, have all the luck. Take the guys in this gallery of medical CMNF pictures for example. While one of the perks of the job would clearly be getting regular opportunities to cast their professional eyes (and hands) over some undressed female patients you would imagine those patients would frequently be infirm and not exactly what you’d call aesthetically pleasing. Yet all of the nude patients in these pictures seem to be in the bloom of health. I cannot help but wonder why they would feel the need to consult a medical practitioner in the first place, although I am pleased that they did. Perhaps these unfortunate females have fallen prey to hypochondria and are being reassured by some very public spirited doctors. If that is the case perhaps hypochondria is a condition which should be encouraged in fit and healthy young ladies, especially as it seems that the treatment for this condition involves no small amount of boob fondling. Well, if that’s what it takes to get these unhappy girls back on their feet I would be more than happy to lend a hand (or two). Admittedly I have neither training nor qualifications in the healing arts but how difficult could a course in medical CMNF or CFNF be?

CMNF boob exam
medical CMNF 3
CMNF boob exam 2
medical CMNF
open wide
medical CMNF 2


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  1. I like the ‘Special Examination’ site best for this type of ENF. Some of the girls look genuinely mortified in some of there films when they are examined in the most humiliating fashion.

    • Special Examinations have done some fine work. I have not uploaded any here because there is a slew of it over at and I try not to overlap with their stuff too much. The Ruskie site some of these photos are from seems similar although I haven’t checked it out yet. The “doctor” guy looks like he really enjoys fondling boobs, but then who doesn’t?

  2. Good topic. I have though about this sometimes. People that I know and want to see my boobs and the can’t, but then some random guy that I don’t even know and he can see me totally naked because he is a doctor. And he can touch and scan my breasts and smash them into a machine to check them.

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