Medical CFNF: nude female patients with clothed nurses

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Another gallery of medicine based embarrassment today. Last time out we had a batch of naked babes in CMNF situations so it seems only fair to post a medical CFNF gallery in the interests of balance. Strangely enough it seems that it is not only male doctors who are given to wasting valuable hospital resources examining naked ladies who appear to be in the bloom of health. As we can see their female colleagues are just as keen on getting fit and healthy girls naked for a good going over at every opportunity, paying particularly close attention to their boobs. Maybe I am doing these lady doctors and nurses a disservice: they may be taking a very proactive approach to female health by nipping any problems in the bud before the faintest hint of a symptom appears. Besides, in the words of the old aphorism fnarfter* is the best medicine (and even if it isn’t I reckon it is still a bloody sight more efficacious than homeopathy) and whatever it may be doing for the patients it is clear that these medical CFNF scenarios are doing the power of good to the practitioners conducting the examinations. Well, if I was examining these bared babes I would be enjoying myself too and, I’ll wager, so would you.

*( For the uninitiated fnarf is an old English word denoting ribald laughter).

bondage nurse
medical CFNF 01
medical CFNF 02
medical CFNF 03
medical CFNF 04
medical CFNF 05
breast exam 01
breast exam 02
naughty nurse 01
breast exam 03


Join me in the Fnarf side.


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  1. The ‘Special Examination’ site is probably the best site for this stuff, where you have an older doctor often with a female assistant putting young women through unnecessary humiliating exercises and embarrassing gyno’ examinations.

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