Marina Sirtis stripped topless in a catfight

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Another classic ENF/EUF scene from the world of cinema today with some vintage clothes shredding catfight action from the 1983 remake of The Wicked Lady. The film was directed by Michael Winner who was infamous for including vast swathes of gratuitous female nudity in his works and this is no exception. Some years before she found fame as Counselor Deanna Troi in Star Trek The Next Generation this scene features Marina Sirtis stripped topless in a catfight with the film’s star, Faye Dunaway. The relatively unknown Marina only seems to appear in the movie at all just to get her tits exposed. (The character she plays does not even have a name: she is billed only as “Jackson’s girl” in the credits). In her big scene she gets involved in a brawl with the heroine, Lady Barbara Skelton, who does not play fair and arms herself with a whip (well she is The Wicked Lady after all) which she uses to rip off her opponent’s clothes. All of this takes place in front of a large and raucous crowd who are clearly ecstatic at seeing Marina Sirtis stripped topless and cheer on the brawling babes, no doubt hoping to see more exposed flesh. Unfortunately for Lady Barbara her strategy backfires as she is distracted by Marina’s bared boobies wobbling about, allowing her adversary to gain the upper hand. At this point the authorities intervene and put a stop to proceedings, to the great disappointment of the crowd and, no doubt, the enraptured viewer.

Update: I have replaced the original video for this post with an one from an uncut version of the film so you get to see more of Marina’s boobs bouncing and jiggling around. You lucky people.


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