Maria Ford topless kung fu fighting scene

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For the seasoned b movie aficionado a CMNF martial arts scene is a regular viewing treat and while this fight scene from the 1994 exploitation classic Angel of Destruction does not quite qualify as CMNF, to describe it as a Maria Ford topless kung fu scene does not quite do it justice either. Maria (who also features in this post) plays the character of Jo Alwood who is hired as a bodyguard for a singer who is being menaced by a serial killer, a creepy agent and the mafia. As a result she has her hands full keeping her client safe as demonstrated in this scene where a gang of bad guys make an assassination attempt in the middle of the night so that she must defend her charge without having time to get dressed, meaning she is wearing just a tiny thong for the whole fight. So while it is not quite CMNF there really isn’t much left to the imagination as we are treated to a Maria Ford topless kung fu masterclass as she kicks and chops her way through a horde of baddies while her big areolae perform a mesmerising dance of distraction. Of course, as an exploitation flick Angel of Destruction has plenty of female nudity throughout but this scene is my particular favourite.


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