Low blow finishing move in the CFNF Wrestling League

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For the most part spectators at the CFNF Wrestling League are a raucous bunch, laughing, cheering and jeering as the defeated losers are stripped and humiliated for their entertainment. But this time things are very different. A shocked hush has fallen over the crowd for the unthinkable has happened. The undefeated and undisputed supreme champion of the CFNF Wrestling League, Mighty Maria, has been toppled from her throne. Not only that, but the defeat has been inflicted by the franchise’s newest wrestler. The fans had expected their darling to make short work of the newcomer, a teenager who wrestles under the name of Evil Jody, before displaying her naked as she soaked up the adulation of the crowd. But the new girl had a secret weapon in her armoury; a lightning fast kick which thudded into her opponent’s groin before she even had time to blink. Only seconds into the fight Maria was left curled up on the canvas, unable to rise, giving the rookie a win by knockout. The fallen champion was still too incapacitated by the low blow to defend herself as the Strip Squad entered the ring to complete her fall from grace with the humiliation of a public stripping. Seeing her fallen foe utterly naked with her legs forced shamefully wide apart Evil Jody cannot resist the temptation of administering another low blow as her foot snakes towards its target with the speed of a striking cobra. The swiftness and power of Jody’s special attack has already instilled dread in all of the CFNFWL’s fighters. Will any of them find a way to counters it? Has Maria’s spirit been for ever broken by her spectacular fall or can she find the will to regain her crown? Fans of CFNF wrestling will be awaiting the answers to these questions with bated breath.

low blow in the CFNF Wrestling League


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3 Responses

  1. Great story build up, the champion vs the new girl, the shock upset, the intrigue as to if Maria can bounce back or if Evil Jody will get her commupence. Good nod to the past with Maria (that was a good picture)

    Picture certainly shows Maria in a most exposed and vulnerable position, a sense of speed from Jane’s kick and the crowd are so intrigued by this show

  2. Another great pic, would loved for it to had been a hair vs hair as well. The loser as well as being stripped naked finds her head shaved naked when the victor produces some clippers and shaves her head bald. Oh the embarrassment.

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