Lost bet spanking after losing in the gymkhana

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There has long been a connection between gambling and equestrian sports and here is an example of that very thing. Leading light of the prestigious local riding club, Lucinda Ffookes-Daley, has really been on the case of the club’s newest member whom she regards as an upstart on account of her parents being nouveau-riche. However, the new girl has refused to be intimidated and returned the aristocratic Lucinda’s taunts with interest. Things finally come to a head at the gymkhana when the haughty aristocrat challenges young Tracy to make a wager on the outcome. The wager is that whichever of the pair fares worst in the event must subject herself to a lost bet spanking by the other. Tracy (a “peasant” name sneers Lucinda) responds with fiery resolve and ups the ante to a naked lost bet spanking to be administered by all the girls at the club. With the bet agreed before witnesses so that neither girl can back out the day of the contest dawns. Tracy takes an early lead which induces Lucinda to lose her composure as she tries to close the gap so that she makes a number of errors. As the event progresses the aristocratic girl falls victim to rising panic at the thought of her impending forfeit and she has an absolute mare (no pun intended apart from the obvious one) and turns in the worst gymkhana performance in living memory. So bad, in fact, that the crowd openly laugh at her with the hilarity only being stepped up by her increasingly foul temper. Now her humiliation is complete as she bends over, stark naked, to have her rear end thrashed with the other girl’s riding crops. It will be some time before her bum has recovered sufficiently for her to take to the saddle again and her injured pride may never recover at all.

lost bet spanking at the stable
A country seat in peril.


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