Lana Clarkson topless scenes from the film Barbarian Queen 2

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There was a time when the sword and sorcery genre betokened bevies of bared and semi bared babes with plenty of scantily clad amazon warriors, harems jam packed full of undressed lovelies and most likely a few nude slavegirls thrown in for good measure. Happy days indeed. To demonstrate just how far such films have fallen from their ENF glory days in the 1980s and 90s here are some clips of Lana Clarkson topless in the 1990 film Barbarian Queen 2: The Empress Strikes Back. In this movie Lana reprises her role as the titular barbarian queen (for some reason changing her name from Amethea to Athalia in the process) who, having overthrown the obligatory dark lord and liberated the people in the first film (which you can see some gifs from in this post), finds herself ousted from the throne by another dark lord meaning she has to do it all again (while repeatedly losing her clothes again). In the first scene Athalia is attempting to rouse the people to action when her authority is challenged by a would be rival queen, leading to a clothes ripping catfight. On seeing Lana Clarkson topless the people conclude that such majestic mammary glands are the sign of a true barbarian queen and are at once won over to her cause. Alas the rebellion suffers a setback when our heroine is captured by the bad guys and she is tied up in a dungeon where the henchman in chief wastes no time in exposing her titties. “What an awesomely disgusting sight” he exclaims as they pop out, which seems a rather strange reaction but I then guess there’s no accounting for taste. Next up she is subjected to some topless torment scenes with which the dark lord’s daughter also gleefully joins in as part of her evil education. A fine example of proper sword and sorcery films with an abundance of bared boobies, so unlike sword and sorcery films nowadays.


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