Judo girl stripped naked after she loses to her opponent

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If someone was to draw a Venn diagram of ENF fans and kung fu movie fans they would find a significant overlap between the two because chop socky films very much tend to involve plenty of gratuitous female nudity as you can see in this post. What we have here is some martial arts ENF in a different context with some female judo players involved in a martial arts tournament with a twist. At the conclusion of a bout between two of the battling babes the winner retires to the sidelines while the loser has to take on a male opponent in a strip match. Given that the boys are twice the size of the girls the result is really a foregone conclusion with the losing judo girl stripped stark naked while the girl who defeated her watches as her fallen foe is totally humiliated. In the full version of this video things then take a somewhat yucky turn as all those chaps loitering about in their underpants take to the mat but as this is an ENF site (and therefore no place to watch chaps spaffing their loads) I have cut the action before anything distasteful occurs. Suffice it to say that if girl’s judo tournaments involved having the defeated judo girl stripped while the victor gloats at her abasement I think it would do wonders for the viewing figures. There is also some CMNF jiu jitsu action in this post for those of you who enjoy female nudity in the dojo.

The full version of this video is available from R18.com


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  1. nice idea but it would have been better if she was stripped by girls like in your cfnf wrestling drawings

    • I’d love to see some CFNF strip judo but have never managed to find such a thing. Needless to say if I do it will at once appear on this site.