Judo EUF: a girl is getting stripped in the dojo

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Here is yet another martial arts girl suffering embarrassment when she loses her clothes in the dojo. Why does this sort of thing never seem to happen in real life? Well maybe it goes on all the time and I just never joined the right martial arts school. That would be just my luck, but I suspect if judo EUF (and martial arts EUF and ENF in general) was a common occurrence I would at least have heard of it. It would certainly make women’s martial arts tournaments a great deal more popular (unless, of course, this is some sort of highly secretive and shadowy ENF ninja clan). In this instance an unfortunate female judo player no sooner gets to grips with her sparring partner than he rips off the upper portion of her judo gi to leave her topless with her exposed titties jiggling about delightfully. Is this a recognised judo technique or is he an ENF fan taking advantage of the situation? Or maybe she is into ENF and was wearing an easily rippable outfit in the hope that this very thing might befall her. I guess we will never know but in any event I hope you will enjoy this judo EUF gif.

judo euf


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